Handle poison messages

Poison messages in an order queue can ruin your day. With MSMQ Studio it is easy to move the poison messages to a subqueue or another queue. So that you can get the order processing going again and troubleshoot the messages later.

Poison messages

View message content

To track down what actually is causing the issue it is important to be able to see the content of the message. If you select a message in a queue MSMQ Studio is able to display it in a XML, JSON or a plain text viewer. And to find those pesky problems where an illegal character has snuck in to the message, there is also a HEX viewer.

Search in messages

When you have a poison message in your queue that has stopped your application from processing the rest of the messages in the queue. Then before you remove that message so that the processing can continue you can search in all messages in the queue so that you can find out if there more messages that can be a potential problem.

Send message

When you have found the message that is causing the issue you most likely want to edit it and correct the error and then resend it. This is easy to do by opening the message by doubleclicking on it, click the Resend button to create a new message based on faulty one. Then edit the message and correct the error and click the Send button to send it to the queue again!